Why Shiva Breath Yoga ?

10423961_10203210535356987_6669492383349493649_nWhy Shiva Breath Yoga?
Shiva is considered as the God of Yoga in the Indus civilization.
It is in 2015 that Brice decided to start Hatha yoga classes in Tokyo including knowledge from different background such as Ashtanga and Tantra yoga under the name of Shiva Breath Yoga.



BriceDSC04224 has been practicing actively  Yoga since 2010. He started yoga with Sivananda yoga Center and  had the chance to multiply his experiences and training in different school during those years (Hatha Yoga, Tantra, Ashtanga,etc.). As he was working in humanitarian field, on Disaster Risk Reduction’s topics for INGOs (International Non Governmental Organisation) such as Caritas or Red Cross, he had the opportunity to move in Asia and to learn concrete new practices, practicable in every day life.

After having lived and worked in Mongolia, Nepal and China, he graduated from the Sivananda’s TTC (Teacher Training Course) in Himalayas in India in 2014.
Since then he has been teaching Hatha Yoga and keep learning this ancestral knowledge of the wellbeing.


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If you want to learn more about the Yoga lesson, please click here.



Basic history of Yoga


Let’s start from the beginning.

Everybody heard about yoga, but what is exactly Yoga and where does it come from?

Without going to far into the details, let’s explain few things.
Yoga is a Sanskrit word, it means “union” (union with the deep inself)
First evidence of its existence are in Indus valley, no text but artefacts, archeological objects such as seal, terracota postures. One of the oldest is the kundalini one, which is part of the Tantra culture.
5 000 years tradition.


Sivananda Yoga

Swami Sivananda…



A combination of our time

Let’s put things into perspective,
Nowadays people sees yoga as something related to the body, something that you do with the body, but the Yogi never thought that,  tradition sees it as a way,  “use the body, you have one” but it s really about the breath and especially the mind.
(basically hot yoga is not set up to give you flat abs but to understand spirituality) through energizing exercises and meditation.
It s easy to get lost in the complexity of life
Life is the journey – if you want to manage your trip you need to balance it –
Yoga is not in contradiction with the modern world, you can totally integrate a regular practice in your everyday s life, or at least once a week.

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