Why Shiva Breath Yoga ?

10423961_10203210535356987_6669492383349493649_nWhy Shiva Breath Yoga? the answer is simple, Shiva…


Who am I ?

Hello, my name is Brice.DSC04224

I have been practicing actively  Yoga since 2010. I started yoga with Sivananda yoga Center and I had the chance to multiply my experiences and training in different school during those years. As I was working in humanitarian field, on Disaster Risk Reduction’s topics for INGOs (International Non Governmental Organisation) such as Caritas or Red Cross, I had the opportunity to move in Asia and to learn concrete new practices, practicable in every day life.



After having lived and worked in Mongolia, Nepal and China, I graduated in the Sivananda’s TTC (Teacher Training Course) in Himalayas in India in 2014.

Since then I have been teaching Hatha Yoga and keep learning this ancestral knowledge of the wellbeing.




If you want to learn more about the Yoga lesson, please click here.



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